Students to participate in mock election

Giulia Imholte, Online Editor-in-Chief

BSM students will have the opportunity to participate in a mock Presidential election run by the senior Government classes on November 6, the same day as the official election. The ballots, which will imitate the real Minnesota paper ballots, will allow students to cast their vote on the President, Vice President, U.S. Senator, and the two House of Representative seats from the districts most represented by BSM students. Students will not be voting on the two proposed amendments to the state’s constitution.

Despite students’ access to vote in a more efficient, technology driven way, sophomore dean and Government teacher Mr. Keith Jones and Government teacher Mr. Ken Pauly, the coordinators of the mock election, decided that paper ballots were more authentic.

“We want people to be deliberate to go and vote, just like real voters have to do. Because if we give you ballot or we’re just handing them out, it’s not a real reflection. We want to see people take the time during their free period to go and vote; will that reflect our Minnesota percentage of voters that show up?” Mr. Jones said.