Bob McEnaney rides to support Jablonski


photo courtesy of Ryan McEnaney

Bob McEnaney of Total Cycling Performance founded the organization Ride for a Reason to raise money for the Jack Jablonski fund through donations towards his 48-hour bike ride.

Jackie Scherer, Managing Editor

In the wake of junior Jack Jablonski’s life-altering injury, many organizations stepped up to support Jablonski both spiritually and financially. Few organizations, however, can brag of beginning a fundraiser completely on Jablonski’s behalf, as is the case with Mr. Bob McEnaney of Total Cycling Performance, founder and participant in “Ride for a Reason.”

To raise money for the Jack Jablonski Fund, Mr. McEnaney will compete in the Furnace Creek 508 Bicycle Race. Considered “the Toughest 48 hours in Sport,” Mr. McEnaney will bike for two days straight, through the deserts and high elevations of California: the entire race will be dedicated to Jablonski. “[I] haven’t done [this race] before, and only half the people who have ridden in this race finish within time cut off…I’m just trying to finish the race for Jack,” Mr. McEnaney said.

With Jack as the inaugural recipient of Ride for a Reason’s fundraising, Mr. McEnaney hopes to continue Ride for a Reason for others affected by sports-related injuries. “The new program will combine exciting cycling and running events with an opportunity to give back to the community,” Mr. McEnaney said in his press release. “We are partnering with local businesses, charities, as well as world-class and everyday athletes alike to not only share the passion for what we love, but to make a difference.”

As a Woodbury native, Mr. McEnaney, like so many Minnesotans, heard of and was moved by Jablonski’s injury last January. In light of Jablonski’s success, Mr. McEnaney dedicated his race to Jack and uses the race as a chance to raise money for the Jack Jablonski fund. “Jack was the inspiration [for Ride for a Reason]; we want to expand Ride for a Reason from this year and hopefully get more people involved in future cases,” Mr. McEnaney said.

A former hockey player himself, Mr. McEnaney played the sport through college before he took up endurance sports, where he discovered his passion to train endurance athletes through Total Cycling Performance.

Mr. McEnaney not only supported Jack’s story as a hockey enthusiast, but he shared connections with the Jablonski family through work. “I worked with [Jablonski’s] dad at 3M, and when I’d heard about Jack and his family, I’d been planning to complete this race for a while, but having a cause made me want to dedicate it to Jack,” Mr. McEnaney said.

Working with his son, Ryan McEnaney, Mr. Bob McEnaney has been extremely successful in broadcasting his cause. “The press release led to TV spots and newspapers [getting my story out], but also the big network in the endurance community who are in support of Jack,” Mr. McEnaney said.

Mr. McEnaney will complete the Furnace Creek 508 Bicycle Race on Oct. 6-8, and will continue to raise funds afterwards. His goal to raise $10,000 has not been met; however, his first Ride for a Reason fundraiser already reached $5,000 in donations. “There has been an incredible amount of support for me and for Jack. I personally don’t think it’s for me; its for Jack. All I’m doing is something for him in a different way, and so far it’s been successful,” Mr. McEnaney said.