Class of 2013 wins boys’ volleyball for the second time

Rachel Wallace, Staff Writer

Students scrambled into the Haben Center at 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 24 for boys’ volleyball––the opening event of Homecoming week. As usual, the seniors faced off against the freshmen for the first match and the sophomores competed against the juniors.

In their first game, the freshmen held their ground, but the seniors took control of the game and won both matches with ease. “It was a breeze,” standout senior player Chris Bell said.

The juniors, lacking the fan base, played well, but the sophomores crushed the juniors in the first match. However, the juniors’ luck changed and they won the second game. The star of the junior team was Jack Sims, whose height gave him a huge advantage. In the end the juniors advanced to the finals after winning the third, tie-breaker match.

The championship round pit the seniors, the defending boys’ volleyball champions, against the juniors. “My highlight moment was when I hit Jack Sims in the face with the ball,” Bell said.

The first game the juniors annealed the seniors. In the second and third match the seniors took over the game and defeated the juniors. “We can’t lose to the juniors this year when we won to the seniors last year,” Bell said.

Meanwhile, the sophomore and freshman teams fought for third place. Despite the age advantage of the sophomores, the freshman won the title of third place, winning two out of the three games against the sophomores.