Wesley Miller


Matt Muenzberg, Sports Editor

Every time a song starts during school mass, everyone looks up. Everyone wants to see who is singing. But if everyone looked to see who was playing the drums at any point in the last four years, they would’ve seen Wesley Miller. But Wesley started his musical career long before laying down beats in the Great Hall. Wesley started playing the drums when he was just seven years old, taking after his older brother Spencer (’09). “[I got into mu- sic] really more so because my brother played an instrument, and my cousin Jared played a drum set and every time we’d visit them we’d just have fun playing,” said Miller.

After a few years of lessons with several different teachers, Wesley’s love for drumming took off. “I was really excited when I was young. Once I got past ten, I was just practicing constantly,” said Miller.

Next year, Wesley will be taking his talents to Augsburg College, where he’ll be a music major along with Spencer. “My brother does go there, but I wasn’t just following him or anything,” said Miller. “It’s a music school, and I know once I get there that it’s going to be really difficult to succeed as a music major. I want my life’s career to be about music because it’s what I know.”

Wesley understands that Augsburg won’t be the easi- est place for him to earn a music degree, but he is willing to put in the time necessary in order to pursue his passion for music. “It’s not just ‘Okay play what you already know for four years and you’ve got it.’ You’ve got to learn a bunch of different instruments, probably none of which I can even spell. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park if I want to succeed,” said Miller.

“I guess [I care so much] because I worked at [the drums]. Out of all the things I really do in life, I work hard- est at playing the drums,” said Miller. “For some reason I always wanted to be really good at drums as soon as I started it. I work a lot harder on it than I do academics.”

Wesley chose Augsburg for their music program, but he likes the idea of staying in the Twin Cities area. “I didn’t want to leave Minnesota right away. Some people are like ‘Oh, I can’t wait to get out of here.’ I’ve never really been like that. I love Minnesota,” said Miller.

Although he has been very outgoing in following his dream, Wesley knows that he wouldn’t be where he is to- day if his father hadn’t supported him from the very start. “My dad allowed me to start my instrument in general. I wouldn’t be playing what I play if he hadn’t bought me my drum set,” said Miller.

Wesley’s interests don’t end with music though. Wesley was a four-year member of the bowling team, and enjoys watching football, especially the Packers. “I would definite- ly be playing football if I had the build for it. I love football, but that’s something that a lot of people probably already know,” said Miller.

One of Wesley’s most infectious traits is his sense of humor. He is quick to lighten serious situations by making a joke or poking fun at the situation. “He’s one of the most hilarious people I know,” said senior Dan Riley.