Emily Boole


Megan Pavlik, Activities Editor

Emily Boole’s contagiously happy personality, and her curiosity for all things is what characterizes her in her peers’ minds. From her extensive volunteering, participation in multiple clubs at BSM, and her job at Build-a-Bear, Emily has mastered the balancing act of academics, involvement, and friends that high school requires.

Bringing an innate love for all things to everything she does, Emily follows through on any commitment she makes. Her lifelong involvement with her church, her eight years of Girl Scouts, and the six president’s service awards she has won are testament to that. “I think you should hon- or your commitments because if you promised, you should do it. Have integrity about yourself,” said Boole.

Emily’s commitment and calming personality have also aided her in the activities she has participated in at BSM. “I’ve been a part of the knitting team, track, RKVC, and bowling team. I’ve also done Peer Ministry, and NHS. I was in pop choir freshmen year, but I’m self-conscious about my singing now, so I only sing in the shower,” said Boole.

In Emily’s pursuits outside of school, her vivacity and sense of humor are obvious. She finds joy in working both with people and her hands. “I’m involved heavily in my church: youth group, nursery, and camp in the summer. I work at Build-a-Bear Workshop, and I dance a lot for fun. I’m also a Girl Scout, and I like to craft, knit, and crochet. But one of my favorite things to do is prank call people,” said Boole.

Next year Boole plans to go to Bethel University in Minnesota. Bethel not only offers Emily’s desired nursing major, but it also recognizes a part of Emily’s past. “In sixth grade, I was praying for my dad to be healed because he had cancer at the time. God answered that prayer be- cause he’s cancer free today, but He also made it clear that I should go to Zambia one day and do missionary work there. I just put the idea up on the shelf and didn’t revisit it until I was touring Bethel and was talking to them about their nursing program and study abroad. They said were just forming a committee to take nursing students to Zam- bia to do medical missionary work. That pretty much so- lidified it, and I [decided] I wanted to go there,” said Boole.

Although Emily does not know exactly what she wants for her future, she has many desires to chase. “I want to be a mom, a nurse, and a wife, and I really want to travel. I ei- ther want to be a geriatric nurse and work with old people or a midwife. I secretly want to be a beautician––I want to take a year off and go to beauty school. I know I never will though. I also think it would be cool to be a pregnancy model,” said Boole.

Emily has been heavily influenced by her family and spends a great deal of time with them. “We go danc- ing and to church, and we volunteer together. We really like to be together; we’ll all go to our meets or games, and we love to play games: card games or nickels. Every Sunday night we eat popcorn and piña coladas together. My brother and I used to eat them on our beach towels while we were watching a movie, but we don’t do that anymore,” said Boole.

Besides her family, Emily’s friend from church, Hope, has also influenced her life. “I look up to Hope. She’s younger than me, but I still really look to her. We just get each other. We can spend hours laughing or sitting in silence. We have very similar backgrounds, so we’ve kinda grown up with the same things, and now we’re exploring and further expanding our knowledge together. I love her––she’s such a great woman of God, and it’s awesome to have a friend like that,” said Boole.

With an extremely strong faith, Emily seeks to live out Jesus’ teachings every day of her life. “In the Bible it says, ‘They will know who you are through your love.’ I just want to be known for loving people because I do. I just love everyone. I like to spend time with people be- cause that’s important. I think we should get to know people more––even if you think you know them, you really don’t. [People are] so deep and complex. That’s why I want to work with people when [I’m older],” said Boole.