The latest internet trend: Pintrest

The latest internet trend: Pintrest

Nicole Sarquis, Staff Writer

A new social trend gaining momentum goes by the name of Pinterest. Instead of having to search Google for a favorite food recipe or new clothing style, one can search all of them at one time. As a blog for pictures and videos to be shared with everyone on the web, Pinterest allows people to display their interests and collaborate with their friends.

Signing up for a Pinterest account requires an invitation from an existing member. Users can click the Pinterest button for a random search or click on the theme they want to search. Pictures, videos, and quotes appear on the screen in nearly endless amounts and if it appeals the user, one can “pin” the pictures to a board that is organized by a theme.

One can follow other people’s pictures, quotes, or videos that they pin on their boards. The boards are organized in themes or categories that relate to each other such as food, clothes, or home decor. Pictures usually consist of high fashion apparel, unique foods, or cute animals and babies.

When a person clicks on a picture that appeals to them, a description usually follows it. Sometimes, if it’s a food or drink, one can click on the link for the recipe. For clothing items, a website is usually linked to the picture and it is allowed to click to the online store.

Pinterst focuses on visual elements—pictures and videos— rather than articles, written blogs, or podcasts, which makes it unique from other blog-based websites and enjoyable for anyone who uses the site.