Fight college dangers with self-defense classes

Ruby Ford, Staff Writer

Fending off an attacker, though a frightening idea, requires certain skills that will now be available to senior high students through a self-defense class. The class for girls will be Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m., and the class for boys will be on Monday, April 23 at 7 p.m.

The Parent Association arranged for these classes in order to help BSM students stay safe and healthy. “We are focusing this as part of wellness for students and especially seniors heading out to college. We want them to gain awareness and know about student safety,” said the Chair of the Parent Association Community Wellness program Sheila Jones.

In order to protect themselves, students will be given an opportunity to learn the skills that they may need to use in risky situations. “In our world, young people have a greater opportunity for experiencing things outside of the school environment, and they need to be able to protect themselves outside of that,” said Jones.

After the speaker about self-defense last April, the Parent Association hired an experienced instructor to teach a hands-on class. “Al Horner is teaching the class and is a former Navy Seal. He has spoken at BSM before and also taught the class last spring and in the fall,” said Jones.

Horner’s experience will enhance the understanding of self-defense for those involved in the class. “Al has taught at corporations and at other schools so it is a program that he has taught in a variety of different environments,” said Jones.

While the practice of self-defense can save lives, it also includes touchy content and requires maturity. “Because of the sensitivity of the nature, each student needs to bring a parent or guardian of the same gender to practice moves because the subject material can get graphic,” said Jones

In order for students to benefit most from this program, Horner will be teaching a restricted number of students so the moves can be thoroughly practiced. “In the beginning of April, there will be a Knightly News announcement and online registration will happen. It will be 24 people in each class both girls and boys,” said Jones.

Parents want their children to be safe when they can’t be there to protect them, spots are generally taken by parents signing their kids up. “Most students say that they are here because their parents ‘made them,’ but they end up really taking to it,” said Jones.