Investment club manages the market

Peter Best, Staff Writer

To teach students the importance of handling money correctly, juniors Adam Bilski and Alec Black decided to start an Investment Club. “During BSM hour…Alec and I would invest fake money just for fun, and talk about what we were investing in and why. [At the end of first semester], we decided we should make a club for the school,” said Bilski. Under the guidance of teacher Mr. John Sabol, students meet to assess possible strategies and decide which stocks are worth buying. New members are given an imaginary one million dollars to invest in the stocks they want. The members then compete with one another to see who can earn the largest amount of money during the semester. “Our goal is to try to learn as much about stocks as we can,” said Black, “It’s important to know how to manage that money, and ensure that you are gaining money rather than losing it.”