Knightlife hosts 2nd annual Snow Football Tournament

Kellen Gill, Staff Writer

Spending their night playing football on the snow-covered turf field, members of Knightlife committed to staying drug and alcohol free participated in the second annual snow football tournament on Friday, Jan. 27, proving that some of the best times are had while staying sober. After playing in the cold weather for two hours, participants were invited to warm up inside with hot chocolate and a movie in the theater.

This year, the lack of snow enabled the students to run more easily and bring their best game to the field. “The tournament went really well even though there wasn’t much snow. It was still really fun. It would’ve been cool if we could have had a few feet [of snow] like last year, but this way people didn’t get tired as quickly,” said senior Mikayla Coulombe, Knightlife co-president.

Although not required to participate in the football games, Knightlife members were encouraged to come and cheer for their friends on the field. “The excitement on the field is the best part: teams get very competitive, and watching them run through the snow is very funny,” said Knightlife coordinator, Ms. Amanda Anderson.

The core message of Knightlife shines through the snow football tournament, as well as similar events that they host. “It just shows that there are activities that you can have fun doing while being sober, [and] that partying isn’t the only thing that is happening over the weekend,” said Sarah Silvestri, Knightlife co-president.

This year’s snow football tournament ended with much success, and Knightlife is planning on continuing this event for years to come. “It was really fun. There was about 40 people there, and my team did really well. Our team was made of sophomores and we beat a junior team,” said sophomore Drew Coulombe.

Knightlife is planning many exciting events this year, and all BSM students are welcome to participate. There will be Friday Fun Night on Friday, February 3, a field trip to the MN zoo in May, and a kickball tournament is being planned for this coming spring. “We plan events throughout the year for [students] to have something to look forward too,” said Mrs. Anderson.