Youth in Government members lobby for government changes

Youth in Government members lobby for government changes

Students participating in the Youth in Government trip

Anna Landis, Staff Writer

Already beginning their preparation and drafting of bills, the 22 optimistic students involved in Youth in Government (YIG) are looking forward to success in this year’s model assembly session in January.

YIG is rooted in the civic education and leadership development of the YMCA, and advised by Mr. Keith Jones. “I’ve participated for five years due to my deep interest in politics, my love for teaching government, and excitement to see kids [engaged],” said Jones.

Students involved have the option of participating in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches, or lobbying for their own laws. “Last year, [my law] tried to abolish all stop signs and turn them into yield signs instead,” said senior William Hoesely, a third year YIG member.

In January, members of YIG are invited to spend four days in downtown Minneapolis in order to directly experience a model assembly session. “And to make it even better, we go to a huge dance at the end called the Governor’s Ball,” said junior Luke Musech, second year member.

On the whole, many members of YIG are hopeful to pass laws and get a first-hand account of what it’s like to be a part of national leadership. “I’m excited for this year because I think it’s really interesting to see how our government works and get involved in it,” said junior Joe Pauly, first year YIG member.