Jabby13.com set up as hub for all things “Jabby”

Ruby Ford, Staff Writer

Jabby13.com launched on Jan. 6 as a central place for accepting donations and providing a place where people can be linked to anything and everything “Jabby.”

The red and white website features Jablonski’s hockey photo with a main link for collecting online donations. “So far, we have collected 530 donations for a total of $44,470.00 that will go directly to The Jack Jablonski Fund,” said TST Media employee and hockey enthusiast Michael Murakami.

“I got a call from Dan Collins—father of BSM student and hockey player Ryan Collins—who has been in contact with the Jablonski family to start the process of setting up the site,” said Murakami, after a group of website creators from TST Media visited Jablonski in the hospital.

TST Media, the company that created mnhockeyhub.com as well as bsmockey.com, helped launch the website with family representatives to show support for the Jablonski family. “As a company of hockey lovers, the group of employees were looking to help in whatever way they could. We thought it was important to use our expertise on the web to help support a good cause,” said Murakami.

“[The website] features a comment stream that allows people who donate to leave words of support for Jack and his family. Additionally, different forms of media have been added such as a photo gallery, videos from YouTube, and links to articles on the MN Hockey Hub,” said Murakami.

“The amount of traffic the site has been getting is pretty amazing. Since last Friday, 20,972 people have visited the website and 16,518 of those people have been new visitors,” said Murakami.

Because of the nature of the incident, many hockey parents worried about the checks being delivered in hockey. “I know that there is currently another site in production to help raise awareness about dangerous checks and hockey safety, in general. The other site will eventually be linked to Jabby13.com,” said Murakami.