Get A Clue- Sherlock Holmes is For You

Get A Clue- Sherlock Holmes is For You

Peter Best, Staff Writer

Picking up where the original movie left off, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” takes all of the wit and wonder of the first film and builds upon it, creating a plot that is both captivating and entertaining.

Set in late 19th century Europe, the film centers around the ingenious yet socially inept Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and his dependable assistant, Doctor John Watson (Jude Law), as they try to outwit the fiendish Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris), who is trying to deceive the European nations into starting an international conflict with one another that would lead Moriarty to profit greatly.

Although Downey Jr. and Law are reprising their roles as the famous duo, their performances this time around seem to have a new life in them. The two actors feed perfectly off of one another and turn in golden performances that are unique yet believable, making for roles that may be the new standard for both actors.

Harris’s rendition of Moriarty is disturbing yet genius, and it is a wonderful counter to Holmes’ gentle, though eccentric, nature. Harris creates a character that achieves the perfect balance of intuition and insanity, giving Holmes a truly dangerous nemesis and fitting perfectly into the jigsaw of a plot.

“Game of Shadows” contains a perfect blend of comedy, action, and mystery. There is plenty of comic relief, but the movie is able to change tracks and turn serious when it needs to.

Guy Ritchie does an excellent job bringing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story to life, using superb directing and staging to create a world that is realistic. He takes a strong script and spins it into an absolute gem, with a surprise ending that is masterfully executed.

Although a great movie, it still has its flaws. The plot of the movie takes a while to establish itself, and it is difficult to comprehend until the end of the movie is near. Likewise, the subdued climax hastily rushes into the ending sequences without much plot closure.

“Sherlock Holmes” starts strong and finishes stronger. An intuitive script coupled with strong performances creates a film that cannot be missed.