Trust fund set up for Jablonski

Rooscol Rozambert, Staff Writer

In the wake of Jack Jablonski’s terrible injury, many people, ranging from close friends to complete strangers, have felt the need to help out the family through monetary donations. When sophomore and teammate of four years, Jack Glover saw this, his father Mike Glover moved into action by starting a trust fund in his name at Wells Fargo bank.

“The trust fund was started when my dad and my other teammate’s dad [Daniel Collins] saw that the Jablonskis were overwhelmed with how many people wanted to donate and there was no place to put all the money,” said sophomore Jack Glover.

The fund that was established at Wells Fargo has received over $33,000 of donations from 38 states and several countries. Several local Catholic schools have donated significant amount of money. The Academy of Holy Angels has donated $2000, and Hill-Murray has donated over $17,000 in the days following the incident. The Golden Gophers men’s hockey team even set up a station to give donations during their game against Notre Dame last Saturday, which raised $7,000.

Mike Glover has such a close connection with the Jablonski’s, that work and this difficult situation can be trying at times. “The support has been great, and knowing that there is financial support as well makes it a little less overwhelming,” said Mike Glover.

The Minnesota Wild have also been advertising on their main website about the Wells Fargo account,, and the little brother of Jack, Max Jablonski, has received signed jerseys from professional teams and superstars.

To give a donation to the Jack Jablonski Fund, go to any Wells Fargo or the main website .