Girls’ hockey team makes “Jabby” bracelets

Megan Meskill, Staff Writer

In response to the distressing news regarding fellow hockey player Jack Jablonski, the girls’ hockey team decided to raise as much money as possible for the Jablonski family. As a result, red bracelets reading “Jabby #13” and “Stay Strong” were created and will be sold to thousands across the state and even the country.

The idea came from junior girls’ hockey captain Sara Taffe, who wanted to create an item that could be worn by supporters daily. “I tried thinking of something that people could wear and buy so they have a constant reminder of who they are supporting,” said Taffe.

The first order of “Jabby” bracelets comes in Jan. 9 in a bulk shipment of 50,000 bracelets. The bracelets will be available for $2 before and after school, during all lunches, and at the boys’ home hockey games. Students are encouraged to buy a bracelet and will have the opportunity to donate additional money for the Jablonskis.

The girls’ hockey team wants to stress that all the money generated from “Jabby” bracelets is going straight to the family; no profits are being made. “We want to help them in any way we can and raise as much money possible,” said sophomore Kaylee Druk.

Through tweets, Facebook statuses, and newspaper articles, many schools and teams in the Twin Cities, and even around the country, have contacted the hockey team requesting orders for bracelets for their school, teams, and friends. “It’s amazing how many people have found out about Jack’s story and have reached out to me asking what they can do to help,” said Druk.

Not only will BSM’s students, faculty, and alumni be wearing “Jabby” bracelets, but students from high schools across the Twin Cities, including Wayzata, Breck, and Holy Family will be sporting the bracelets. “So many people, even from other states, have requested large shipments of bracelets; it’s amazing how many people sincerely want to help one of my good friends,” said Druk.

The news about Jablonski has been very popular among NHL players as well, so much so that the Pittsburgh Penguins will receive an order of 30 “Jabby” bracelets.

The girls’ hockey team will be selling the bracelets at several high school games, youth association hockey tournaments, and a junior gold tournament. “The Edina youth association contacted us, hoping to get 1,000 bracelets, so we emailed each of our youth associations to see if they knew about Jack’s story and if they were willing to purchase bracelets to support him and his family,” said Taffe.