Boys’ hockey game vs. Wayzata postponed

Matt Muenzberg, Sports Editor

In the wake of sophomore forward Jack Jablonski’s neck injury that fractured two of his vertebrae, the boys’ hockey game scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 5 at Wayzata has been postponed. “We feel that, given the events, it would be a very difficult situation to put not only our kids through, but the Wayzata kids too,” said Pauly.

The announcement of the junior varsity game against Wayzata being postponed due to the high level of emotion attached to the rematch came the day before the varsity team made the same decision.

Some team members wanted to go through with the game, but the coaches and administrations decided to put it on hold. “Some of the team members may be disappointed by that, but it’s the right thing to do. You have to have a sense of timing for these things,” said Mr. Pauly.

The game will be played eventually, but the exact date is still yet to be determined. “We’re throwing some dates around, but nothing solid yet. We’re hoping to reschedule something in January,” said Mr. Pauly.