Arthur’s Christmas- A New Tradition?

Arthurs Christmas- A New Tradition?

Arthur is here picture seated at his desk. If this doesn’t give you warm fuzzies, then check your pulse; you might be dead.

Mallory Hoch, Staff Writer

The beginning of Christmas brings with it many holiday traditions, from decorating cookies to holiday shopping, and, of course, the obligatory stream of holiday movies which hit the theaters on Thanksgiving and continue through December. Traditionally, these movies, although never short of holiday cheer, are easily forgettable. However, this is not the case for “Arthur Christmas,” a heart-warming film which will become an instant Christmas classic.

“Arthur Christmas,” which came out in theaters on Nov. 23, marked a series of firsts for Aardman Animations, who were behind animated hits like “Wallace and Gromit” and “Chicken Run.” As their first feature in five years and their first movie in 3D, Aardman Animations uses the more standard CGI styled animation, forfeiting their well known stop-motion style.

“Arthur Christmas” views the holiday through the eyes of Arthur, the clumsy and endearing son of Santa, voiced by James McAvoy. Working in the Christmas letter department, Arthur maintains a strong faith of the magic of Christmas. Upon discovering that a present had been left in the workshop on Christmas Eve, Arthur, with the help from his 136-year-old “Grand Santa” and Bryony, the stowaway elf, travels the world in an old fashioned sleigh to ensure that its owner, Gwen, wasn’t left out on Christmas morning.

In order to put a creative spin on Santa’s traditional workshop, “Arthur Christmas” ingeniously developed a new twist on an old, classic tale—the digital North Pole. With elves grappling down the side of houses, using a Christmas GPS to navigate, and even using the Christmas-inspired spaceship instead of the sleigh, the movie offers imaginative scenes that serve as a visual feast for any viewer.

Introducing the audience to three generations of Santas, the movie creates a humorous generational clash that viewers of any age can relate to. With innovative twists on the North-Pole, genuine characters and light hearted family humor, “Arthur Christmas” earns its status as a must see movie of the holiday season.