You Don’t Want to Be “Under The Mistletoe”

You Dont Want to Be Under The Mistletoe

What our young pop star doesn’t know is that mistletoe is a parasite. You heard it here, folks.

Sarah Ehlen, Editor-In-Chief

The Bieber Fever epidemic strikes again, just in time to warm the coming winter chills. Justin Bieber, still basking in the success of his “My World” albums, released his first Christmas record “Under the Mistletoe” on Nov. 1. Collaborating with several other famous artists such as Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and The Band Perry, “Under the Mistletoe” puts a Bieber-style twist on classic Christmas carols, while adding a new dose of Christmas spirit with several original songs.

Bieber started the Season of Cheer early this year by releasing his first Christmas single, “Mistletoe,” on Oct. 17. This song, though about two months premature, is extremely melodious and has very Jason Mraz-inspired vocals and instrumentals. Of course, the lyrics are preteen quality (“I should be playin’ in the winter snow/But Imma be under the mistletoe with you”), telling of Christmas-time love he has little real experience with.

Shockingly, “Under the Mistletoe” features a new sound for Justin Bieber: a deeper voice. After two full albums of prepubescent vocals, Bieber’s voice has finally hit a more mature resonance, allowing a wider audience to take his songs a little more seriously. But with the loss of his high, squeaky voice came the loss of the signature J.Biebs innocence which used to fit so nicely with his “little boy” image.

Other, more traditional tracks on the new Christmas album include “Silent Night,” “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” and “Little Drummer Boy,” to name a few. Bieber’s own personal style and flavor come through on these well-known tunes with his unique vocal inflections and his weak and gratuitous attempts at rapping during the bridge of almost every song.

Although “Under the Mistletoe” doesn’t supply anything incredibly new or exciting in terms of Bieber’s style, dedicated Beliebers still pre-ordered the album and emptied shelves on release day. With a perfect combination of cliché love songs and cheesy Christmas themes, “Under the Mistletoe” will surely please any fan of The Biebs, tiding them over until the release of his next album, “Believe” in early 2012.