Alpine Ski team expects success

Brian Tobelmann, Staff Writer

With the first snowfall already here and weather cold enough to make snow, the alpine ski teams look ahead to their upcoming season. Both teams anticipate a successful season, and the girls’ team looks to defend their section title and return to state in February.

The girls’ team is excited to make a push for state again this year. With sections remaining the same this year, they have a good probability of returning. “The girls squad has a very good chance because they have four solid girls with experience and skill,” said senior captain Reilly Dillon.

Despite losing three senior skiers last year, both teams still kept some of their best—juniors Archie Boyle and Mary Grace Arndt—proving to be strong and formidable. “All of our skiers [on both teams] are good, and it will be a great season with these strong skiers,” said senior captain Jordan Dritz.

The biggest challenge for these teams will be getting past rivals the Blake Bears and the Minnetonka Skippers in sections. “[These teams] always give us a tough challenge and force us to perform at our best,” said Dritz.

With the talent the skiers bring to the teams, recovering and rebuilding after the loss of several of last years’ seniors won’t be an obstacle, and each varsity squad will contain six skiers each. “If anything our team size would be a problem, [the team] is roughly 50+ skiers,” said Dillon.

In addition to large numbers of skiers, both teams also have many young participants to build up the team for future years. “There are a lot of good junior high skiers that will be making a push for the varsity squad this year,” said Dritz.