Grounded… literally

Grounded... literally

Chloe and her sister Maddy are confined to living in their basement.

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

While getting our floors refinished, my parents decided that all five members of the Kennedy family should stay in our basement together. We knew it would be cramped, but it would only be for three days––what’s the worst that could happen? While down there, I learned to channel my inner Bear Grylls in order to survive. The basement became my jungle, and my family: a pack of savage beasts.

Day One: I thought that this would prove to be a fun adventure. With nowhere else to sleep, we fled to the godforsaken depths of the Kennedy basement. We had to learn to adapt to our new surroundings in order to maintain sanity. The smell of paint fumes was overwhelming; it proved to be a challenge in the days to come.

Day Two: Parker, as the youngest, was subjected to sleeping underneath the ping-pong and temporary dinner table. Maddy received the misfortune of having my feet in her face every night as we shared the couch. The leaders of our pack retreated to the luxuries of the guest bedroom.

Studying proved to be quite a challenge. While the alpha female watched the Vikings game, I was banished to the coffee table that doubled as our kitchen/breakfast nook to attempt a study session. Maddy sat less then five feet away in the cat’s room, another unfortunate situation for her.

Day Four: The fumes finally got to me. What was supposed to be a short adventure has turned into a prolonged nightmare. Twice now the deadlines were pushed back. My entire wardrobe reeked of construction, and the paint fumes were causing me to become quite irate. With my patience running low, I was forced to take drastic measures. I started actually seeking errands to run, looking for a relief from those overly confined conditions.

Day Five: The paint fumes were at their worst that night and finally overtook Maddy. Using a roll of duct tape, she covered her foot, declared her new shoes ghetto Toms, and came to the conclusion that she is the world’s best cobbler. Near the snapping point, I ran off to my new sanctuary, Caribou Coffee, to seek whatever relief I could from the animals that I call family.

Day Seven: Finally, we’re back to civilization. The floors were complete! I marveled at the privacy and space that became such a commodity. I rushed to my room, a long forgotten temple of solace, full of clean clothes and proper ventilation. The basement took me for a ride, and almost broke me, but I finally came out the other side.