Breaking Dawn breaks hearts


Breaking Dawn Part 1 begins the conclusion of the story of the love triangle between vampire Edward Cullen, werewolf Jacob Black, and mere human Bella Swan in a heart breaking yet romantic drama.

Natalie Walsh, Staff Writer

Nearly as big as the Harry Potter phenomenon, the Twilight saga’s 4th movie installment,

“Breaking Dawn Part I,” fulfilled the high expectations of its Twihard viewers, satisfying their vampire and werewolf cravings for the two hours of the exhilarating love story.

Starting off with the bonding of Edward Cullen [Robert Pattinson] and Bella Swan [Kristen Stewart] is a scene of serendipitous romance between the young lovers. Much drama is brought from Bella’s other love, Jacob Black [Taylor Lautner] who is torn because of the loss of his true love.

Staying true to the book, the movie was sensationally accurate. Unlike other series, no viewers were disappointed due to overlooked scenes or misinterpreted details, lost in translation to screenplay. Director Bill Condon did an outstanding job making the much loved story come to life in front of the viewers eyes.

Many tears were shed as I sat watching the movie at the midnight premiere. Though some were because of sadness, many were because of pure joy. The honest compassion and love portrayed between many of the characters was moving to the point where I actually felt a part of the story.

The story was full of love, passion, battle, and bloodshed, appealing to all viewers. For the ladies, although I found disappointment in the minimal screen time Jacob had shirtless, I found the wedding and honeymoon scenes shared between Edward and Bella to be beyond touching. And I warn you, if you don’t like blood, loss, and dismay then you should brace yourself for the conclusion of the movie.

The ending of the movie was a disappointment. Not because it was bad, but because I was left longing for more of the outstanding storyline. The abrupt conclusion was exciting and mysterious making myself and the other hundreds of Twilight-loving teens gasp in wonder. It was a much loved film that I would recommend, even to vampire haters.