Kloyda acts in Best Buy commercial

Liza Magill, Staff Writer

After hearing about an opportunity to appear in a commercial, junior Matthew Kloyda’s mom sent his high school picture to an acting company. Kloyda never believed that anything would come of the action, but three days later he was cast in a Best Buy commercial.

Upon reviewing his options, Kloyda decided to take the offer and do the commercial. “I decided to do the commercial because it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I could be on national television,” said Kloyda.

The commercial was filmed over the course of three days in September, but Kloyda was only cast in two of the three days. “The first day we filmed at a house in Richfield and the second day at an abandoned farmhouse in Chanhassen,” said Kloyda.

Although he only had minor roles–including scaring two girls–Kloyda was also given the opportunity to direct a scene in the commercial. “I really liked the parts I had in the commercial. I was in four scenes, and it was really fun to film,” said Kloyda.

Through working in the commercial, Kloyda was able to meet other budding young actors. “There were six local teenagers in the commercial and four experienced actors from LA. I learned a lot from them,” said Kloyda.

As expected, many students didn’t believe Kloyda when he told them that he was going to be in a commercial that would air nationwide. “I’m really jealous that he got the opportunity to do the commercial. I mean, he was chosen out of everyone from across the country. Now I keep telling him to buy me things with the money he made,” said junior Mikey Koller, a close friend of Kloyda’s.

Currently, Kloyda has no other commercials planned, but he hopes to do another one in the future. “I learned that when you are given such a great opportunity in life you take it because you never know if you will get that chance again. So of course I hope to do another [commercial],” said Kloyda.