Check out these interviews with alternative commuters!


Read interviews with students who don’t get driven to school every day!

Most students usually take a car to school. However, a small, dedicated group of students and staff feel the call to go beyond the normal modes of transportation and bike or moped to school. These bikers and moped drivers reduce gas emissions, get in a work-out, and don’t have to deal with the expenses that come with owning and maintaining a car.


Levi Caffes- senior bike owner

Knight Errant: Why do you bike to school?

Levi Caffes: I couldn’t afford car insurance, and I used to bike with Bernardo Vigil, who graduated last year.

KE: Any disadvantages to biking to school?

LC: I get pretty sweaty, so I have to bring an extra shirt to school. It also gets pretty cold in the fall and winter.

KE: What do you do in the winter?

LC: I ride my bike a little in the winter, but my mom usually takes me. I plan on getting my license pretty soon.

KE: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while you were biking?

LC: Well I have been hit by three cars, but only one of those accidents was my fault. This summer, I was hit because the car in front of me slammed on its brakes. I flipped my bike and rolled on the the back of their car. The worst part was that they didn’t even stop the car; they just drove off.


Theresa Cameron- junior moped owner

Knight Errant: Why do you take your moped to school?

Theresa Cameron: It’s only a one gallon tank, so I tend to spend less on gas. I also live really close, so it’s just easier to get home. Also, it’s better than biking because I can carry more stuff on it. Riding my moped is also better for the environment than taking a car.

KE: Any advantages to taking your moped?

TC: I don’t have to pay for parking because I can put it on the bike rack

KE: And disadvantages?

TC: There’s not enough room to take another person.

KE: What do you do in the winter?

TC: My mom drives me in the winter and I can drive up until first snowfall. I always take it to soccer practice in the summer and most of the school year.

KE: Have you ever fallen off your moped?

TC: Yes, last year I fell off my moped. I didn’t have a sport after school and I went over to my moped. The parking lot was really busy and someone waved to me, so I took my hands off the wheel for a minute and then the next thing I knew I was on the concrete. Everyone was staring at me, but no one knew what to do. Eventually, Madeline Roberts came over and helped me out.


Myles Anderson- senior bike owner

Knight Errant: Why do you bike to school?

Myles Anderson: It’s pretty good exercise and it wakes me up in the morning.

KE: What are the advantages and disadvantages of biking?

MA: I like not having to deal with traffic, but it’s annoying when I have to carry stuff.

KE: What do you do in the winter?

MA: When there is snow on the ground, it takes me 20 minute to bike, so I usually just drive in the winter to save time.

KE: What is an interesting experience you’ve had while biking to school?

MA: Well, I got hit by a car in eighth grade when I was biking to school. The car was going pretty slow, and the person got out of the car to see if I was okay. There weren’t any broken bones, so I was able to get up and bike the rest of the way to school.


Kate Whitney- junior bike owner

Knight Errant: Why do you bike to school?

Kate Whitney: My theory is that my parents don’t want to get up in the morning. Of course, if you asked them, they would probably say otherwise.

KE: How far away do you live? What is your favorite route?

KW: I live about a mile and a half away. My favorite route would probably be the shortest one possible.

KE: What are the advantages of biking?

KW: It’s a convenient way to exercise and it’s usually pretty nice outside.

KE: Disadvantages?

KW: It gets super cold after like…now.

KE: What do you do in the winter? How will it affect your commute?

KW: I might be able to use my grandpa’s car, but we’re not 100% sure yet. Biking in the winter means I have to wear a lot of clothes, and driving means just waking up later.

KE: What is the most interesting thing that happened to you while you were biking?

KW: Last year, I went around a corner, and I was going too fast, so I knew I wasn’t going to make the turn. I went on the grass but didn’t see the storm drain. My bike tipped over, and I fell into the storm drain.




Judy Koski- Transportation/Parking Department, moped owner

Knight Errant: Why do you take a moped to school?

Judy Koski: I am sharing the moped with my son, who is at college. We thought ‘why buy another car,’ so when a opportunity came up to buy a moped, we bought it. It works out well because I really enjoy it.

KE: What are some of the biggest disadvantages to taking a moped?

JK: People on the roads don’t pay any attention to you. I have been cut off a quite a few times. I also can’t carry stuff, which means I can’t go shopping. But I guess that’s also a plus, because then I save money.

KE: What will you do in the winter?

JK: I get the car back from my son when winter starts, but this is my first year owning the moped, so I planned to use it until late November.


Maddy Olson- junior bike owner

Knight Errant: How do you get to school?

Maddy Olson: I bike, walk, and sometimes my parents drive me.

KE: Why do you bike to school?

MO: It’s close and convenient. Sometimes I even bike by choice.

KE: What are some advantages and disadvantages?

MO: I can have my own schedule. I don’t have to wait for anyone, and traffic isn’t bad. But If you are running late, it is kind of hard because it takes a lot longer.

KE: What do you do in the winter?

MO: My parents drive me, but I also walk sometimes, and that means I have to add 15 minutes to my morning commute.


Katie Belanger- English teacher, bike owner

Knight Errant: Why do you bike to school?

Katie Belanger: Usually because my husband and I have one car and he [works] in Anoka. So, it’s more of a second means of transportation.

KE: Where about do you live? How far? Favorite trail?

KB: 20 miles in Anoka. I take the bus to Target Field, then bike on the Cedar Lake trail. I usually wake up [at] five or [at] quarter to five, but when [my husband and I] drive down to school together, we put my bike on the top of the car, [and] then I bike home after school.

KE: What are the advantages and disadvantages of biking?

KB: It’s a really nice way to unwind at the end of the day, especially with all this beautiful fall weather. It’s a quick way to exercise, reduce car emissions, and it’s cheaper than maintaining and insuring a car. It takes a lot of time, requires lots of preparation, but once you get into the routine, it’s easier.

KE: What do you do in the winter? Will it change your commute?

KB: Hopefully I’ll drive with my husband. There are these bikes called Pugsleys that have snow tires, and we are thinking about buying those. I don’t know that I’ll be biking in the wintertime however.