Apotheosis begins annual search for literary arts

Nicole Sarquis, Staff Writer

Apotheosis, BSM’s own literary arts magazine, contains the best pieces of art, poems, drama and short stories created by students. A staff of seven seniors and three teachers work together each year to publish the book of art and literature and have it available for purchase by spring break time. The magazine has an open acceptance, and anyone who submits can be published in Apotheosis. The three teacher members, Ms. Paula Leider, Ms. Kelli Rahn, and Mr. Tom Backen, as well as the board of students, Neil Davis, Anna Landis, Dan Lundberg, Glynnis Forsberg, Francis Jimenez, and Kale Walsh, look through the art and literature submitted by the students by the February deadline. “Apotheosis has been around for the past eleven years, and last year was the biggest book yet,” said Mr. Backen.