A dedication to Team Jacob


Natalie gazes longingly at her collection of topless Jacob Black photos.

Natalie Walsh, Staff Writer

What girl doesn’t wish her boyfriend was a dark, handsome, muscular, werewolf? Because I sure do. When it comes to the commonly argued subject of vampires vs. werewolves, I always defend the side of my precious, Jacob Black. Werewolves all the way, baby. I will forever be a pack member.

My obsession with the Twilight saga began my freshman year when, after only a few pages, I was completely invested in my new relationship with my books—or more specifically, Jacob Black. I was such a dedicated fan that I read them during class. Fifth hour geometry to be exact. Sorry, Mr. Bowler.

To be honest, I see nothing wrong with drooling over Jacob’s golden brown abs after he rips his shirt off while transforming into a werewolf. Oh my God. So hot. I know Edward’s sparkly skin and creepy obsession with watching people sleep may turn you on, but let’s be real, Jacob is much hotter, literally.

Guys, you will never understand. Nor will you ever compare…sorry to break it to you. But honestly, have you ever looked at Jacob Black? When watching the Twilight movies, boys always ask, “Seriously, does he ever wear a shirt?” No, no he doesn’t. And thank the Lord, because whenever he comes on the screen, I get to stare at his bare, chiseled chest.

I know its hard to understand why we girls swoon over Jacob Black, but you don’t have to hate him just because he’s beautiful. Guys can’t stand the fact that as they hope girls are day dreaming about them, they are actually dreaming about being wrapped up in Jacob Black’s huge, muscular arms, squeezed so tightly that their head rests on his warm pecs, as he nibbles on their ears with his gleaming white, canine teeth.

What people don’t understand is that it isn’t just an obsession with Jacob Black, but with the Twilight series in general. The story of two hot guys, fighting for the love of one girl. Seriously, what girl doesn’t want that?

I can’t wait for November 18 (the release date of Breaking Dawn, Part I). I’m literally counting down the days. I’ll be there, anticipating what may be the new best two hours of my life. The movie will cover the wedding of the year, surpassing the Royal Wedding by far. And judging by Bella’s streak of pure stupidity, she will choose the wrong husband-to-be, leaving Jacob single.

Foolish Bella. Lucky me.