“50/50” Deserves 40/50 Stars

50/50 Deserves 40/50 Stars

What are they doing? Winning an Oscar. That’s what.

Ethan Perushek, Graphic Design Editor

I hate to uses clichés but I have to on this one, “50/50” is an emotional roller coaster. At the beginning I was laughing, I was a complete wreck, as if my eyes were faucets. Needless to say the movie did exactly what it was supposed to, but unlike most cancer stories with the perfect ending, this film keeps the positive message throughout even in the hardest of times.

The story is based off Seth Rogen’s real life friend, Will Reiser. In the film he is renamed Adam Lerner, played by Jospeh-Gordon Levitt, and Rogen plays himself but is named Kyle. Lerner is healthy guy, who runs, eats well and is genrally fit. But one day he goes to the doctor for a xray, because he has intense back pain. He is then diagnosed with a rare kind of back cancer. He is then placed on a strict chemo regiment. And if the poor guy didn’t have enough on his plate he has to deal with an over protective mother and a father who has Alzheimer’s.

Due to his situation the hospital assigns him a therapist so he can cope with his diagnosis, although Adam seems to be just fine. His therapist, Katy (Anna Kendrick), is working on her doctorate and is Adam is only her third patient. But even though she is inexperienced she becomes Adam’s greatest supporter in his worst moment.

The film features some amazing performances, mainly from Gordon-Levitt and Kendrick, but the supporting roles do a great job of providing a good amount of laughs, mostly just Rogen, keeping the film a little lighter which makes it one of the most watchable cancer movies.

The film also has a great soundtrack, featuring songs from Radiohead, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Bee Gees, and more. The cinematography is nothing special but it captures the essence and mood of the film perfectly.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the best actors today his versatility, likeablility,and keen acting skills are on the forefront i n most of his movies, but “50/50” may be one of his best yet. Don’t go to the film expecting a gut crunching comedy, or an emotional roller coaster that leaves you destroyed, rather aim for the middle of those two extremes and you may just hit the mark.