New driver’s ed company takes over

Ruby Ford, Staff Writer

Many student drivers remember the feeling of a knotted stomach while going in to take the permit test, but underclassmen must first go through the 30 hours of classroom learning that comes along with both the stresses and the privileges of driving. For many students, driving to school ranks high on the list of upperclassman privileges, and not being able to take the driver’s education class poses an obstacle in this process. Training Wheels Driver’s Education, BSM’s partner in driver education which was owned and operated by Mark and Debbie Prudhomme, has gone out of business and caught anxious students in the middle.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety informed customers that Training Wheels—a known leader in the industry––is indefinitely out of business and students can no longer continue or start taking classes through this company. “It is our understanding that the Department of Public Safety expects Training Wheels to send a letter to you, its customers, to explain the situation,” said Elite Driving School owner James Kilibarda.

Luckily, administration has come up with an alternative for students who have already paid for the classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions to ensure the proper education of prospective student drivers. “Instead of paying twice for the classes, BSM and Elite Driving School: Richfield, have entered into an agreement whereby Elite Driving School will honor the Training Wheels commitment at no additional cost,” said Kilibarda.

BSM has examined the best companies to associate with in order to ensure proper training for the students. “We have been given good reports from parents and other school administrators who have worked with Mr. Kilibarda and his staff. They agree that Elite Driving School is dedicated to offering the highest quality education in an enjoyable and safe learning environment. Their teachers cover the larger conceptual issues of driving to the fine details of how to jump start a car in a manner that can reach all learning styles,” said Dr. Skinner.

In the future, students who choose to do driver’s education through BSM will do it with teachers from Elite Driving School. As all other companies and the law require, 30 hours of classroom learning and six hours of behind-the-wheel driving can all be completed through Elite Driving School.