Common basket presentation inspires BSM community

Rachel Frenz, Staff Writer

In preparation for the Common Basket, language classes attended a presentation by BSM’s new Spanish teacher, Mr. Matthew McMerty-Brummer, and his wife, Andrea. They work with Farm of the Child Orphanage in Honduras and have adopted children from there. During the presentation, Mr. McMerty-Brummer and his wife introduced students to a girl named Nely and a boy named Carlos Alfredo who live at the orphanage. “Our goal for the Common Basket is to be able to sponsor Nely and Carlos Alfredo for [high] school next year,” said Mr. McMerty-Brummer. “We want to raise $3,000 for the scholarships.” Mr. McMerty-Brummers invited the BSM community not only to donate money, but also to write letters to Nely and Carlos Alfredo and encourage them to follow their dreams. He also asked that the BSM community keep the sponsored children in their prayers.