Girls’ soccer State championship game preview


The girls celebrate their win over Totino-Grace and prepare to take on the Blake Bears.

Brian Tobelmann, Staff Writer

The girls’ soccer team is taking on the Blake Bears today in the State championship game, immediately following the boys’ game, in the Metrodome. These two soccer teams, ranked one and two, are meeting for the first time in the dome.

Despite their loss to Lakeville North early in the year, the Bears remained undefeated the rest of the season with notable wins against Holy Angels and St. Paul Academy. But the Red Knights have a greater drive, looking to avenge their defeat last in the first round of the state tournament.

Though most people perceive the Bears as having a weak offense, the Blake players are all a possible threat with eight of their players having five or more goals. If the Red Knights can hold strong their defense and prevent any penetration by the Bears, they will shut down the Blake offense.

Sophomore midfielder Lydia Sutton is the Red Knights’ most feared player on the Bears. She is an All-State player who can mount attacks from the back and come in unnoticed.

For a successful game, the Red Knights will need to defend strong and attack early to put pressure on the rookie goal keeper Maddy Crawford, in hopes that she will make a mistake. If the Red Knights can score early, they will take control of the game and take the State title.