Peer ministry lights the torch for a new year

Peer ministry lights the torch for a new year

Peer ministry consists of 151 seniors this year who hope to have a great influence on the underclassmen at their retreats.

Megan Meskill, Staff Writer

Officially beginning for the 2011-2012 school year, peer ministry commenced with their first workshop on Sunday, Sept. 18. This year 151 senior boys and girls have applied, been accepted, and made the commitment to help the underclassmen through their journey of faith as BSM peer ministers.

On the official kick-off day, the new peer ministers were required to come to school from noon until six for a workshop. The day was spent getting to know fellow classmates, as well as preparing for the year and ministry ahead of them. “It was such a fun day to learn more about other people in my grade and make connections with them,” said senior Kelly Dwyer.

Non-members often wonder what exactly a peer minister does. A peer minister is one who is committed to developing a personal relationship with God and will develop in both faith and prayer. Throughout the year, the seniors will receive training in communication, leadership, and faith development. “It is all about the seniors learning and using their gifts and talents to help others,” said Mr. Mike Jeremiah, Peer Ministry leader.

Peer ministers then put their new understanding to work at the underclassmen retreats. These retreats include the sophomore Respect Retreat, the freshman class retreat at Camp Ihduhapi, and both the freshman and sophomore weekend retreats. “I remember when I went on the Sophomore retreat, and I want to make their experience as enjoyable as mine was,” said senior Amy Pannek.

With a great group of ministers this year, expectations and excitement run high for the selected group of students who will not only learn a lot about themselves and their faith, but also what it takes to lead and help others to find their faith as well. “We have an awesome group of seniors who are really going to make a difference here at school,” said Mr. Jeremiah.