Hones is flying high on trapeze

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

Not about to let gravity restrict her, freshman Heather Hones literally goes above and beyond the conventional after-school activities. Hones has participated in Circus Juventas for the past seven years, focusing most of her efforts on the triple trapeze.

Circus Juventas is a preforming arts youth circus located in St.Paul, teaching kids from ages 3 to 21 daring and unique new skills. “Everyone is really close, despite all the new kids joining. It’s a fun environment from the building to the instructors,” said Hones.

Triple trapeze is essentially one long pole with four ropes attached to it suspending it from the ceiling, and, unlike conventional trapeze, it stays in place while the performers contort into different poses atop it. “I really like triple trapeze because it’s challenging, and it’s just fun,” said Hones.

Hones doesn’t limit herself simply to triple trapeze, but also performs Spanish web and bungee trapeze. Spanish web is a rope covered in fabric suspended from the ceiling that performers twist around in mid-air, and bungee trapeze is where the performer uses both the trapeze and bungee cords attached at the waist to do various flips.

Hones knew she wanted to join the circus ever since she was very young. “I’ve been watching the shows there since I was two; I was always asking my mom to let me join and finally, in third grade, she let me,” said Hones.

Although she has been in the circus since she was 9 years old, she never lets her school activities overlap with her performance in the circus. “I don’t really ever see them cross over. Circus is circus,” said Hones.

Other than Circus Juventas, Hones participates in activities such as volleyball, softball, and RKVC at BSM . “It’s not really weird [going from BSM sports to trapeze]. Trapeze becomes an everyday thing. If I didn’t do it, I would feel sad, like something is missing,” said Hones.