Junior boys paint the town

Junior boys paint the town

Both Roeder and Bamonti compete in competitive paintball matches each week.

Kiley Petersen, Staff Writer

For junior Adam Bamonti, Sundays are definitely not a day of rest. Each Sunday, Bamonti goes to Air Assault Paintball in Maple Plain for a game of competitive paintball.

Around 40 kids from all over the state–and a few from Wisconsin–show up and are randomly placed on teams in what is called “open play.” Two teams, each with five players, line up at the sides of the field, and when play begins, everyone hides behind large inflated bunkers peppered across the field. The teams attempt to eliminate all the members of the opposing side by using paintball guns to fire paintballs at them.

Bamonti originally got involved because his friend, Andrew Roeder, also a junior, invited him. So far in his career, Bamonti has won monetary prizes as well as new paintball guns. Rewards aren’t the only reason Bamonti continues to play. “I like how big of an adrenaline rush it is. [Plus], it’s really fun,” said Bamonti.