Athlete Profile: Jack Naughtin

Brian Tobelmann, Staff Writer

With his performance against Robinsdale Cooper, senior safety Jack Naughtin emerged as a strong asset for the Red Knights football team. He proved his great value to the team when he made a game changing play to help take the Red Knights to a 48-34 win over Cooper Sept. 1.

As the Cooper Hawks drew close to scoring a touchdown, Naughtin intercepted the ball in the Hawk’s end zone and ran it back 103-yards for a touchdown. “It was almost like the ball just came to me and then I started running. It was pretty surreal at the time,” said Naughtin.

During the flawless execution, Naughtin could barely see for nearly half his touchdown run. The headband he was wearing fell off his forehead and covered his eyes as he passed about the 50-yard line. “I couldn’t see anything. I’m just glad I didn’t run out of bounds or anything, that would have been embarrassing,” said Naughtin.

Naughtin’s teammates are looking to him for help as the season progresses, and they are confident he will be able to deliver.  “[Naughtin] is just too fast, too strong, and too good.  Its great to have him on the team” said senior teammate Mike Mahoney.