Cool down and pay up at Freeziac

Cool down and pay up at Freeziac

In Eden Prairie, the Mall of America, or Plymouth, Freeziac continues to please its customers with its delicious ice cream and assortment of toppings.

Rachel Frenz, Staff Writer

Even though yogurt may not be a traditional favorite frozen treat, when it tastes like ice cream and is covered with any topping imaginable, I can’t see why someone wouldn’t want a bite. At Freeziac, the customers are in control because everyone chooses their flavor of frozen yogurt and accompanying toppings.

Freeziac’s upbeat energy greets anyone who enters as soon as they open the door. The bright blue and white tiled walls with retro signage create a hip feel that pulls customers in, inviting them to sit in the cushioned mini-stools and eat on the arctic white tables.

Everyone starts with one over-sized cup and fills it with their choice of any of the six flavors. Although traditional flavors are still popular, Freeziac also features tart and sweet flavors such as pomegranate and yellow cake batter, allowing customers to try something new while also consuming gluten and fat free alternatives to a seemingly unhealthy snack. One unusual, yet addictive, flavor is Mocha Cappuccino––a mix between chocolate ice cream and a Starbucks drink.

After picking out their perfect mixture of flavors, each sweet-toothed customer heads to a buffet of every topping imaginable. From chopped up butterfingers to blueberries, there are more than 35 toppings offered. It is hard to abstain from loading the cup up with toppings due to the sweet smell that fills the air, inviting them to take a bite.

Once through the assembly line, they are sure to come out with their perfect frozen yogurt combination. All that’s left to do is pay and enjoy. Freeziac charges 45 cents an ounce. This may not sound like much at first, but it can add up pretty quickly. If one is used to the outrageous prices of Cold Stone, this is nothing, but if one prefers the $1 dip-cone from Dairy Queen, this may be a surprise.

Located in Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and at the Mall of America, Freeziac offers a fun environment for a sweet treat. This is definitely a fun place to go with friends after a football game.