OS Lion Roars Onto Mac

OS Lion Roars Onto Mac

Apple released its newest version of Mac OS X in August, available exclusively through its online App Store. OS X Lion is full of new features that affect everything from how users view their apps, how they manage open windows, to how they use the multi-touch pads on most Macs.

Two of Lion’s primary new features are Launch Pad and Mission Control. Launch Pad allows users to view all the apps on the computer similar to how apps are viewed on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Mission Control is a combination of Spaces and Exposé and allows users to swap more easily between active windows, something that has been a challenge in previous version of OS.

The new OS also includes full screen viewing support for all applications, including Microsoft Office, iWork, and iLife. This feature is fantastic, especially when trying to work on projects without distractions from other applications.

Apple has continued to enhance its Multi-Touch gestures on computers. Lion includes new gestures for starting Launch Pad and viewing Mission Control, as well as new, more intuitive directions for scrolling (if users prefer the old directions they can update in system preferences).

Lion also includes a new file-sharing program called Airdrop, along with Resume––a feature that opens applications like Safari exactly as they were left, and Versions––a saving feature that allows users to view previous versions of projects. Apple’s video chat application, FaceTime, which has been available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, is also supported in Lion.

A major improvement on Apple’s already stellar operating systems, Lion is definitely worth the $29.99 price tag.