Nightmare and the Cat- This Feline’s Dream Come True

Ethan Perushek, Graphic Design Editor

When you have two famous musicians as parents, your genetics are bound to carry some sort of musical talent. The brother duo of Sam and Django Stewart (sons of Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics) happened to be born with loads of it.

“Nightmare and the Cat” just released their self-titled EP, and it’s gaining steam. With Django’s distinct and poignant voice, coupled with his brother’s intense guitar riffs, “Nightmare and the Cat” creates a different, yet familiar sound, compelling you to sing along.

The first EP featured five songs all unique with sounds of the Smiths, David Bowie, and even some modern Brit bands, like The Kooks. The first song, “Sarah Beth,” starts with haunting melody and a story of loss and love, the proverbial one who got away. Yet, like all the songs, it ends up completely different than it started, with the chorus changing its tune to a more upbeat melody. Django and Sam’s melodic wordplay weaves throughout the whole record with lines like, “My sympathy lies with the fool who dwells within my skull…

The captivating lyrics and ability to change up the tune mid-song produces the best song on the record, “The Missing Year.” The song starts off slow with symbolic The song starts off slow with symbolic lyrics—impressive for such a young band—such as, “I am the ghost of your reverie, yet all you do is exorcise me.” The song then takes a left turn and ends with a heart pumping sing-along chorus.

Even more entertaining than their studio versions are their live performances. And five live videos on their website and YouTube page, all of which are not on the EP, give you plenty of chances to see their talent. Most importantly, they have great stage presence, and they love their music. Django jumps all around the stage, really getting into his music, displaying his love for his art for all to see.