New BSM hour and wellness classes help students relieve stress

New BSM hour and wellness classes help students relieve stress

Students focus their bodies in their centering movement wellness class.

Liza Magill, Staff Writer

Junior Emma Lysne began the school year stressed out by harder classes, more extra-curricular activities, and planning for college. However, she was looking forward to one new aspect of this year––a time to avoid the daily conundrums of the school day- wellness class.

Wellness classes create an environment that helps students learn how to maintain their body, mind, and spirit through attending activities aimed at balance. “I really like that I have a time that I can just have fun and get away from the normal school day. It takes stress off of me,” said Lysne.

Twenty-four options, ranging from intense team sports to college preparatory cooking, exist as pass-fail classes in the program. “We want to encourage a balance of all of these activities… I see super athletes in meditation classes, and I have other athletes in stress management,” said Ms. Connie Fourré, Wellness Coordinator.

These numerous choices allow students to participate in activities they know as well as explore new hobbies. “I probably wouldn’t have signed up for the various yoga, cooking, and knitting clubs that meet before or after school, but now that they are in the school day, I get to try something new,” said junior Catherine Cole.

In fact, so many students began trying new activities this quarter that the options may change in the future based on popularity. “As we learn more about what people want, we will adjust the program,” said Ms. Fourré.

Although students benefit from the program, teachers also obtained opportunities to teach activities they feel passionate about through the program. “I love sharing my love of fitness, and I love doing things with students that I wouldn’t normally be able to do. Not only that, I get to meet students that I wouldn’t normally have in my classes because not everyone takes choir,” said Mrs. Stockhaus, choir teacher and dance aerobics instructor.

So far, the wellness classes have been successful, and the administration plans to continue the program into future years at BSM. “I’m really liking the response to it so far. I think as we go forward, others schools will start to look at our program and do what we are doing now,” said Ms. Fourré.