Upperclassmen link-up with freshman friends at cookout

Katie Sisk, News Editor

Starting off at a new school as a freshman, transfer, or foreign exchange student often brings worries about remembering new faces and names, making friends, and joining new activities. Link Crew––an orientation program led by select juniors and seniors––sought to eliminate these fears, with hot-dogs and Rice Krispies in hand, at the annual Link Crew cookout before the first home football game of the season on Sept. 9.

Link Crew set up this cookout as a chance for new students and parents to get acquainted with each other at the beginning of the school year. “It helps get them involved and helps introduce them to their peers in a relaxed setting. The more events the freshmen attend, the more likely they are to branch out and join new groups,” said junior Abby Rosengren, Link Crew leader.

Those who attended appreciated the opportunity and found it beneficial, especially because it takes place so early on in the school year. “[It helps you] to feel like you’re part of a family before the school year is actually on its way,” said freshman Kasi Petersen.

The event also held value for the parents of these new students as they continue to adjust to the new school’s community. “It helps parents and students become more comfortable and helps create a parent network so they can help and support each other,” said Mr. Adam Groebner, Link Crew coordinator.

With the student population continually growing, the Link Crew cookout sees hundreds of students, indicating the success of the event. “We had probably about 300 RSVP’s, so that’s a pretty good number of getting students to come out,” said Ms. Nicole Rasmussen, Link Crew coordinator.

The cookout’s success depends not only on numbers, but also on the newly built relationships, however small. “Even if I meet one new parent, I think that would be a success,” said Mr. Groebner.