BSM introduces PowerSchool

BSM introduces PowerSchool

Ms. Roushar loads her students’ grades onto PowerSchool.

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

PowerSchool, though unfamiliar now, will soon become a familiar part of every Benilde-St. Margaret’s student’s vocabulary, replacing the previous student information system, Edline. Many students find themselves perplexed by the different functions of the new site, but for Mr. Steve Pohlen, director of technology and learning, and many teachers, staff, and administrators, the switch was a much needed one.

Previously, teachers used GradeQuick, along with Edline, to submit grades and attendance, but it often brought up many problems. “Teachers didn’t like the old online grade book because it was too cumbersome in its functionality–especially with taking attendance,” said Dr. Skinner. PowerSchool simplifies attendance with fewer clicks and automatically updates the grades whenever the teacher puts them in the grade book.

It took time and consideration to decide on which student information system to use. “We sent out an email towards the end of last year asking if parents had any previous experience with PowerSchool. Fifteen parents got back to us, and it was 14 to 1 in favor of PowerSchool,” said Mr. Pohlen. It took a while to get up and running because of a late budget approval for the switch.

Jessica McMahon, a teacher, used to deal with the problems caused by Edline and GradeQuick. “The main problem was that it did not work properly on Macs… We had several PCs here just for when teachers couldn’t change their grades,” said Ms. McMahon.

Teacher Mr. Joel Loecken believes it will take only a few days until he can use PowerSchool as well as he used Edline. “I think students will get a more positive screen experience. Attendance is much easier,” said Mr. Loecken.

Dr. Sue Skinner, principal, fully recognizes the importance of a system like Edline or Studio. “It gives you a classroom-type experience outside of the classroom” said Dr. Skinner.