Gabe McDonald featured in Star Tribune

Connor Reis, staff writer

Knight Errant: What award did you receive and what did you get it for?

Gabe MacDonald: I was the Student Athlete of the Week in the Star Tribune.

KE: How did you find out about it?

GM: I wasn’t contacted by them or anything, somebody in homeroom just told me about it.

KE: So you didn’t even know that you got the award?

GM: No, I was just in the paper one day.

KE: What are your earliest memories of playing?

GM: My brother is the person that really made me want to play. I can’t remember a summer where we didn’t play [ball].

KE: What did you think of Liriano’s no-hitter last night?

GM: It was pretty cool, it’s awesome that it was against the White Sox.

KE: What’s the most amount of Chicken Fried Steak you’ve had in one day at BSM?

GM: I don’t eat meat.

KE: Last but not least, would you rather have a hamster the size or a rhinoceros or a rhinoceros the size of a hamster?

GM: Rhinoceros the size of a hamster, there’s really no other way to go.