Emily Beh


Addie Reine, Twin Cities Scene Editor

Emily Beh’s enthusiastic and passionate personality shines in everything she dedicates herself to. From her numerous performances in BSM’s productions to working at summer camp, Camp Foley, Beh’s contagious zeal followers her.

As an avid performer, one contributing aspect to Beh’s love for and mastry of performing is her inherent confidence. “I was always that kid who secretly enjoyed getting up and doing presentations for school projects. Being in front of people just doesn’t intimidate me,” said Beh.

Beh utilizes this confidence along with her creativity to enhance her BSM activities which include speech, drama, and pop choir, giving them an original energy. “When I get into my acting, I get really into my acting. I’m a method actor and I love building up a background for my character,” said Beh.

However, on the opposite spectrum of Beh’s artistic expression lies her commitment to the visual arts. “I’m big into visual arts as well as performance arts. I love photography, I draw all the time, and if I’m not in the theater/choir room, I’m usually doing silk screen in Ms. Main’s room,” said Beh.

While Beh doesn’t like to predict her exact future, as of now she plans to continue pursuing her love of the arts at DePaul University. “I plan on majoring in some form of communications (possibly radio) and minoring in theater/performing arts,” said Beh.

But outside of school, Beh has many more exciting plans. “I would love to go back to Spain for a few months, do some freelance screen printing, and have a ton of dogs,” said Beh.

In addition to this, Beh also thinks about her future dream jobs. “My dream jobs are being a voice actress, director at a summer camp, or a really sassy bartender,” said Beh.

Aside from Beh’s involvement in the arts, she also enjoys her membership in The Lighthouse, a Gay-Straight Alliance for kids in the west metro. “Our weekly meetings range from discussing various LGBT topics to Skyping political activists in Washington DC, to planning for the Pride Parade,” said Beh.

Beh also contributes to her community through her involvement at Camp Foley with, senior Matt Carney. “Next year I’ll be working up there all summer. Matt Carney and I are going to be co-counselors!” said Beh.

When Beh isn’t booked performing at speech tournaments and plays, she enjoys hanging out with her sister. “I spent a lot of time goofing off with my sister. Megan and I are really close, and we have very similar senses of humor,” said Beh.

It’s as plain as the exuberant smile on Beh’s face that she enjoys every bit of what she does. Not only will this tremendous senior have left a legacy at BSM, but this legacy will follow her throughout her lifetime.