Alex Patow


Bernardo Vigil, A&E Editor

Alex Patow is a true renaissance man. With indulgences ranging from creative, to the athletic, to the straight-up manly, Alex truly does a little bit of everything.

Well, that’s not the exactly true; Alex Patow does a lot of everything.

What most (theater kids) know Alex for, however, is his role as head lighting technician in the BSM Drama Departmen. “Basically, I hang all the lights, do the programing, some shows I do the design, and some shows I do my own cueing,” said Patow.

In layman’s terms this means that he is in charge of everyone on stage being seen, and that’s exactly what Patow loves about his job. “Theater has always been a passion of mine, but I was never really interested in acting,” said Patow, “[My job is] where everything comes together where you get the balance of the physical lighting coming on with the beauty they create.”

He does create a lot of beauty. In addition to working on the lights on over 20 BSM productions, Patow has interned at The Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis and received job offers from other schools to run lights. “Unfortunately I had to turn those job offers down because they conflicted with the Junior High play,” said Patow.

But, in addition to making actors on stage look their best, Patow keeps himself––and his students––looking good by teaching downhill skiing at Skijammers every Saturday in the winter. Having skied for ten eats, Patow decided it was time to give his expertise back to the community. “It allows me to work on skiing while I help other people work on their skiing, said Patow; He continued, “That sounds pretty selfish, but I do really like teaching.”

Somehow between school, skiing, and lighting, Patow has found the time to not only become an Eagle Scout, but became a foreign film aficionado. “I love camping and stuff like that. Also, I like to chill and hang out with friends, go see foreign films: pretty much be a complete hipster in Uptown,” said Patow.

“My favorite film right now is Iñárritu’s ‘Biutiful,’ but ‘When We Leave’ comes out in June, and I’m pumped,” said Patow.

Patow will be taking his design talents and good eye for all things visual to Boston University next fall where he intends to study industrial design. “I see a lot of parallels between that and the design for the theater. Both things have to do with something that’s physical and something that’s creative and beautiful,” said Patow.

No matter what Patow puts his creative mind to next year, the shoes he will leave in BSM’s community will be hard to fill.