Students represent BSM in film festival

Katie Sisk, staff writer

Five films, created by Benilde-St. Margaret’s students, made appearances on the silver screen at the .EDU Film Festival on Friday, May 13, earning much recognition including second place in the documentary category. The seven students––seniors Matt Carney, Sarah Champeau, Haley Kellogg, Shreya Mehta, Rob Shaver, Patrick Krieger, and junior Lauren Effertz––whose films were screened spent the day at St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis watching the films they created on the big screen.

Carney, Champeau, Kellogg, and Mehta achieved second place for their documentary “Women’s Roller Derby.” “I was partly surprised because it is such an honor, but I also expected it. I really thought our film was pretty good compared to some of the films running against ours,” said Kellogg.

Those who didn’t receive an award, however, felt equally privileged to be a part of the experience. “It’s such a big deal to get into .EDU, and to get into any festival is a big honor. Even if you don’t get placed or recognized at the festival, just to be screened is amazing,” said Effertz.

Effertz hopes for another chance to see her films on screen next year. “I’m actually submitting two or three films next year, so hopefully I get in again because it was a really, really cool experience,” said Effertz.

Earning five spots in the .EDU film festival demonstrates the students’ film making prowess. “I’d say it’s a really big honor for these students. It rewards their film making skills and shows that they can stand up to other peers. It shows a level of success beyond the classroom. Hopefully it encourages them to continue developing their talent,” said Mr. Tom Backen, advanced film studies teacher.

This talent is evident to Mr. Backen, who sees potential in all of his advanced film students. “This year’s advanced film class has been a small, but highly dedicated and talented group. Probably the best advanced film class I’ve had,” said Mr. Backen.

These students are not the first talented Benilde-St. Margaret’s students to participate in the .EDU film festival. “It’s been going on for four years, and we took students to it last year. Every year we’ve been invited to submit films to it,” said Mr. Backen.

While BSM students have been involved before, the number of films accepted this year was higher than ever. “They had over 100 films submitted this year. Fifty were screened, and we had five of them…most schools have a couple, so we’re pretty happy to have five,” said Mr. Backen.