Emma Hafermann


Morgan Rogers, Online Editor-in-Chief

Not only has Emma Hafermann been voted “most fashionable” by her senior class, won awards in both math and science, and held down a job since freshman year, but she also makes time to enjoy the things she wants to do.

Unlike many other BSM students, Hafermann is not involved in every club and activity, but rather focuses and dedicates herself to a couple extracurriculars such as an out of school job. “I’ve worked at Punch Pizza since October of freshman year. I am the cashier or the pizza cutter or a runner,” said Hafermann.

Hafermann also played volleyball and lacrosse freshman year, but quit after realizing sports were not her thing. “I was just not good. The whole social aspect of sports was dying out as people became more competitive so I just knew it wasn’t for me anymore. Then I turned to working out more; I figured I’m not exercising, it’s probably not a good thing, so I started working out with my father,” said Hafermann.

Aside from staying in shape, Hafermann enjoys baking and cooking in her free time. “I like both cooking and baking for different reasons. I like cooking because you get to do what you want with anything and then you’re like ‘hmm this sounds good, let’s add some,’ and with baking you follow a recipe and when it comes out well you’re like ‘hmm this tastes delicious,’” said Hafermann.

Out of all the trips Hafermann has gone on throughout high school, one sticks out in particular. “I went to Rwanda the summer after sophomore year. It was really cool being a part of a completely different culture that you have never ever experienced before. Instead of just reading about it in a book, you are actually there,” said Hafermann.

Hafermann is the go to person with last minute physics and math questions, and is always willing to help people when they need it. “She is constantly thinking about what’s best for everyone else around her, giving great advice, and always helping everyone with homework. She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever met,” said friend Ellie Jaskowiak.

Winning the senior science award and the John Haider award––a career achievement award for math recognizing Hafermann as the top female math student in the senior class. Her teachers agree that she is highly deserving of this award. “She is an incredibly intuitive math student; very gifted at it, and will make a wonderful biomedical engineer, and she’s fun loving and quirky,” said Mr. Dan Bowler, Hafermann’s math teacher of two years.

Hafermann has received top grades in science and math throughout her high school years, and teachers note that it is more than just her hard work and determination that earn her these high marks. “She’s a good student, has a good eye for important details, sees cause and effect relationships really well, and is able to extrapolate––that is if you give her an idea about something she presently knows, she sees the implications of what that could lead to,” said Mr. Jim Wander, Hafermann’s Physics teacher.

Next year, Hafermann will study at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland as a biomedical engineering major. Although she would never tell you herself, the biomedical engineering program at Johns Hopkins is ranked the best undergraduate program in the nation according to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.