“Something Borrowed” Lends Some Laughs

Something Borrowed Lends Some Laughs

Actor Colin Egglesfield Poses Heroically Amongst the Woodwork

Paige Erickson, Staff Writer

Rachel, a successful lawyer played by Ginnifer Goodwin, has always been loyal to her self-centered best friend, Darcy, played by the sassy Kate Hudson. The film revolves around the typical girlfriend friendship. On the night of Rachel’s thirtieth birthday, Darcy throws a surprise party in honor of the “sister she never had.” As the night goes on, Rachel reveals what she has always wanted: Dex, Darcy’s fiance.

Throughout the movie, Rachel recalls instances in which Darcy did anything she could to be better, do better, get the better boy, get into the better college, or even get the better job than Rachel. Everything about Rachel and Darcy’s relationship revolved around competition, including the battle over Dex.

Dex, played by charismatic Colin Egglesfield, is the one guy Rachel has always loved. Since law school, Rachel has never found the words to tell Dex how she truly feels, and eventually it becomes too late. Dex and Darcy are about to get married, and Rachel finds herself as the maid-of-honor.

Throughout the movie, Hudson takes the needy, egotistical, best friend to a whole new level. The viewers find themselves despising Hudson’s character just as much as Goodwin does. Hudson’s typical bubbly personality is not an aspect of Darcy’s personality; instead she spends the majority of her time in self absorbed in her own world.

Goodwin plays the “goody two-shoes” card all too well. She puts on the face of someone with no confidence who has spent her entire life in the shadow of her best friend––that is until Goodwin begins to portray a stronger side of herself and no longer lets Hudson control her life.

With an unexpected ending, this chick flick allows the audience to leave the theater with their jaws dropped, and wondering if friendship is honestly worth it if love is at stake.