Mary Biglow


Paige Erickson, staff writer

If you hear a dog bark, a cat meow, a horse whinney, a pig squeel, a dolphin whistle, even a cricket chirp, as you stroll down the hallways of BSM, it’s most likely Mary Biglow. Besides being able to imitate any animal, Biglow has done much more throughout her high school years.

This past summer, Biglow embarked on three mission trips which took her across the map of South America. “I went to Costa Rica and Panama with my mom and sister,” said Biglow. “We worked as nurses by setting up little clinics in remote towns, and it was really cool because we went with all people who were Pre-Med or Pre-Vet, so everyone knew what they were doing.”

While spending time in the cities of Costa Rica and Panama, Biglow also had the chance to see the native way of life. “In Panama we stayed on an island called Bocas del Torro, where we would just make friends with the vendors, and be introduced to their families,” said Biglow.

Biglow’s drive to help others didn’t stop after her trips to Costa Rica and Panama because she later made the trip to an orphanage in Guatemala. “I would like to go back as soon as I can, but Africa is where I want to go more than anything,” said Biglow.

Since being a part of the missions trips, Biglow has spent a lot of her time considering future career paths. “I have always been interested in medicine; it’s fun to know about diseases,” said Biglow. “At first I wanted to be a psychologist, then a vet, I just really like learning about the body and how it works.”

From teaching herself how to read at the age of four, Biglow’s addiction to reading never seemed to falter. “Last spring break I read six books…in a two week span,” said Biglow, “I blame my mom for my freak reading habits.”

Suspense and murder mystery are themes that hook Biglow until the very last page. “I love John Stanford books, because they mix murder mystery with the psychology of evil people and it’s super suspenseful,” said Biglow.

When not escaping her own life through a character in her books, Biglow spends her time indulging in her love of and talent for painting, which allows her to express herself freely. “I love color and new techniques because it’s just the idea that you can create something that no one else has done before,” said Biglow.

Just as she got her obsession for reading from her mom, she got a drive for painting from her sister. “I started painting because of my sister, and I just kept trying really hard at it because I wanted to be as good as her,” said Biglow.

Next year Biglow will study at the University of Minnesota Duluth, with a possible major of Ecology or Psychology. Whether being remembered for her animal noises, funny family stories, or an unforgettable laugh, Biglow has truly left an impact at BSM.