Classics Club Holds Harry Potter Trivia Night

Maddy Kennedy, staff writer

Dressed in their Hogwarts finest, juniors and seniors of the BSM Classics Club gathered in the Commons to test their Harry Potter knowledge for a bag of Jolly Ranchers at Harry Potter Trivia Night on May 16. The event was a first for the club and an overall success. “We chose to do Harry Potter Trivia Night because it has a large fan base. It’s something different than what we normally do, and we wanted to attract people that weren’t part of our normal crowd” said junior captain, Nicole Sauer. Co-captain, Chris Sather, wrote the 101 questions for the event. When the teams reached the 100th question, there was a three way tie, but Dan Marizio’s team was able to push ahead of the others in final jeopardy, ultimately achieving victory and showcasing their love and dedication to the Harry Potter series.