Christine Gunderson


Meredith Cannon, Opinions Editor

If you’re ever stranded on a deserted island, Christine Gunderson is your go to girl. Because of her variable characteristics, Gunderson was voted “best companion on a desert island,” by the senior class.

One reason for voting for her was because Gunderson enjoys being active and spending time outdoors. “In the winter I like going up to my cabin and snowmobiling, and [during the] summer I love spending time on the lake,” said Gunderson.

Similar to many students at BSM, Gunderson has been involved in an overwhelming amount of extracurricular activities. Some of which include: basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, ping pong, peer ministry, RKVC and NHS.

Gunderson has participated in many RKVC events, but her favorite event was volunteering last year at a Masonic home near her house. “I really liked it because Ellen Carisch and I would go there and spend time with the residents and do arts and crafts or sing with them. They absolutely loved being with new people [and] they appreciated us so much for going there and spending time with them,” said Gunderson.

Many people will remember Gunderson for having great school spirit during her past six years at BSM, “Christine is always the one cheering as loud as possible––as long as her voice doesn’t give out,” said Sarah Kopp. “She goes all out at any sporting event to support her Red Knights.”

Gunderson will leave high school with many great memories. “The lacrosse season always has really good memories because we have so much fun during the season. I also loved Spanish class with Señora Laporta, it always made the day fun,” said Gunderson. “Homecoming week was also always fun to see all my friends and students participate and show their school spirit.”

Friendship is important to Gunderson, and her friends appreciate her for being the spectacular person that she is. “[Christine’s] a genuine person, someone to always count on. She’s motivated to always do her best no matter what she’s trying to accomplish,” said senior Hailey Hansen.

Family is also important to Gunderson, and although her four siblings are quite a bit older than her, she has always been very close to each of them. “They are the most important thing to me in my life,” said Gunderson, “ I couldn’t imagine life without them; they are the people I turn to when I need help.”

Next year, Gunderson will be attending the College of St. Benedict. “I hope to double major in Spanish and Business,” said Gunderson, “I’m not sure what specifically I want to go into, maybe finance because I like numbers and math, but I want to major in Spanish because I like using my Spanish.”

When asked what she would like to be remembered for, Gunderson said, “I hope people remember me as a funny, kind, caring person––someone who always looked out for others and had peoples’ backs.”