Adam Clark


Robby Sutherland, Sports Editor

Many people who commonly mistake Adam’s first name with his last (as he prefers to be called “Clark”) know him from passing time in the halls where his “flo” of curly, gold hair illuminates a room. This mere-minor characteristic is one of many that makes Adam Clark a member of this years Tremendous Twelve.

With the ending of the high school year, students graduating are departing from the comfort of their homes, family, and friends to experience the ‘college life.’ When Adam Clark began his search for where to take his studies, the University of Denver (DU) was the best choice because it accompanied his arts, athletic, and business interests.

Academically, DU provides attractive music programs in the which can help him grow in his musical abilities as he commonly jams out to his: guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, harmonica and recorder. “Also, I like to sing — a lot — and that’s my favorite musical talent to,” said Clark, “Singing makes me happy, can cheer my day up when I’m feeling sad, and hopefully it can do the same for others.”

Although not in a band, Clark had produced numerous songs that he only shares with a select few ears. “Many people don’t know of these things that I do because I don’t like to be “cocky” or something of that sort and just force my music upon the ears of people,” said Clark, “I think my music is something deep and close to me and if someone wants to hear it, I will let them hear it but I wont tell them to listen to it.”

Clark is not just a musician. His face is commonly seen on the new turf field as he participates in football and lacrosse – a sport he considers himself to excel at the most as he made the All-State team as a junior. He also has a State title and currently has his eyes set on a second for a repeat in his senior season. “We all worked our heart out to get [to State last year] and we were fearful, especially because of that regular season loss to Blake,” said Clark, “I will forever miss that team, but with every year comes another team and we will see how this team plays out.”

With hopes of playing college lacrosse, Clark is walking on at DU with confidence in making the team.

On top of his musical and athletic abilities, Clark has proven himself to be an entrepreneur with his production of “shandalz” – a shoe that is made into a sandal. “I made myself a pair back in about sixth grade and on one trip to Utah, many of the hikers and rafters thought it was a great idea! That gave me the idea that, ‘hey, i could actually get these to other people and maybe they would buy some from me,” said Clark.

Although the business he ran has began to decline, he continues to make shandalz for himself. “I’m still making shandalz, but I’m doing it for free and for my personal satisfaction, because who doesn’t like it when they get something for free!” said Clark.

Though moving to DU will be a new experience that holds great potential for him, Clark will not only miss his “boys of Deephaven” and friends from BSM, but his Minnetonka friends too – a school he attended earlier in his academic career. “My friends are up there for the most important people in my life and with the more I have, I feel better about myself – I’m happier.”