New executive board takes charge


Juniors Elizabeth Patton, Sevy Gondeck, and Kate Hinkens are three of the six future representatives of the executive class board along with Katie Cashman, Jordan Dritz, and Micheal Koller.

Taylor Kenyon, staff writer

After hundreds of neon posters and candy wrappers littered the hallway, the student body cast their votes to elect next year’s executive board members on Thursday, April 21. With the results tallied, the new members include President Katie Cashman, Vice President Sevy Gondeck, Co-Secretaries Elizabeth Patton and Mikey Koller, Commissioner of Student Activities Jordan Dritz, and Commissioner of Publicity Kate Hinkens.

As president, Cashman will lead the board in helping to plan events, influence school decisions on behalf of the students, and inform the student body of upcoming events and changes. “Dr. Skinner has been speaking to our homeroom about the new library plans and rules about BSM hour so I hope to help shape those new policies,” said Cashman.

The proactive executive board already has several changes underway, including plans to participate in more volunteer activities, create new activities, organize more school events, and work to improve the moral bring of everyone at BSM. “I hope to do more student involved activities––Sarah Silvestri and I are organizing a troop care package event that we hope will be a success this year so we can do it again next year,” said Patton.

Not only will Student Council work on influencing changes in the BSM community but they will also work to improve current traditions. They will improve school dances, especially the informal ones, and improve the means of communication between the student council and the student body. “There are always so many fabulous events at BSM, and a lot of times they are not well-attended because people simply aren’t aware that they are happening. Next year I will do whatever it takes to get people involved and well-informed of what is available to them, so we can all have a fun year,” said Hinkens.

Another significant change to next year’s executive board is the decision to have Co-Secretaries, resulting from a tie in the votes between Patton and Koller and a decision from the Student Council Supervisor to not just pull a name out of a hat. “With the two of them, hopefully we will have a better meeting with a more efficient student council. Plus we might be able to start utilizing the social media now,” said Student Council Supervisor Mary Fran O’Keefe.

The upcoming executive board is made up of a well balanced group including three rookies to student council, two boys, and one junior. “I am really excited next year because I get to work with a lot of great and hardworking people in next year’s Executive Student Council. Next year I will put emphasis on the students helping decide on certain decisions that apply to them, because I feel that they should be a part of the decisions going on,” said Koller.