Seniors create “Dare Night”

Paige Erickson, staff writer

When movie nights, Chipotle runs, and hours of gaming just don’t cut it for the average student’s weekend, the search for a new thrill begins. One Friday night in April, a group of students took it upon themselves to create a night filled with an adrenaline rush called “Dare Night.”

Senior Dan Pemberton soon realized there was more to a Friday night than sitting in a basement, and from there he began organizing the “Dare Night.” “I came up with the idea because I thought it would be a fun and good thing to try,” said Pemberton.

Each team consisted of about five people who are given a list of dares. All dares are assigned a different point value, and must be completed in three hours. “On the list of dares, some are worth more points than others because they are more extreme,” said senior John Hansen.

Pictures of each dare that is completed are required in order to receive the amount of points offered. “One dare was that I had to kiss a dog (on the lips), for only five points,” said Hansen, “We got 25 points for driving down to the Twins Stadium and taking a picture with Kirby Puckett’s statue.”

Not only did the boys get out of their basements, but out of their comfort zone in some very public places. “The funniest one was duct-taping Carter Rodman to a stoplight and leaving him there alone for five minutes,” said Pemberton.

A night of thrill and the unknown can only lead to one thing: embarrassment. But for this group, that is not what they were worried about in the end. “It’s a night where you screw around, have fun, and do the craziest stuff that’s legal in the matter of three hours,” said senior Jake Stewart.